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Valentine’s Day: treats, fondue, l<3ve

Today was Valentine’s Day. I accomplished two things: 1) Share the love with co-workers:                 2) Share the love at home: I hope everyone enjoyed the day and/or night with those people, animals, places or things that they love most.

Super Bowl Cocoa Crispers Foodballs

First of all, YAY PACKERS! OK, that’s out of the way.  I saw this recipe on the ModCloth Blog (click) and they were an easy and pretty quick dish to take to the “foos-ball” and commercial-watching hang-out.  Even the little neighbor kids who randomly stopped by came back to take more home to their family,…

Free Texas Beer!*

* That’s “free” as in liberate, not “free” as in gratis 😉 Check out the Events & Activities page if you are interested in Texas beer and making it more readily available at your regular haunts…