A Pocket Guide to Franklin Barbecue

A Pocket Guide to @franklinbbq: 

1. Arrive early-ish (we chose 8am, & were rewarded with 15th place in line. The first person today has been there since ^***FOUR AM***^ 😮

2. Take picture of sign, with sign, and of line that is rapidly queuing up. 

3. If there are any left, folding/lawn chairs are stowed under the outside stairway. Pull’em up and stay a while. 

4. Pour yourself some mimosas/pop open your beer, eat some breakfast (light fare, remember why you’re here, son!)

5. If it’s cooler, blankets are nice bc you will be in shade. 

6. An employee will come out and ask what your meat order will be around 9. I had nightmares of some evil villain ordering all the meats before we would get a chance. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

7. They open the side door for restroom access and to get drinks. 

8. Be ready to cameo in somebody’s foodie vlog. 

9. 5 min or so before opening, an employee (like a nice, laid back, sweet flight attendant) will come ask you to return to the full upright position and stow your belongings (park close – I ran our bags and blankets back to the car) and everyone inched closer to that eagerly-anticipated opening of the main door!ğŸŽ‰ 

10. You don’t need my help anymore – Order & Eat. And proclaim greatness. #bbq #franklinbbq #howto #foodie #atx #austin


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