Destination: Delicious – Fredericksburg Edition

So, I haven’t posted in a few months due to planning, executing, and enjoying my wedding! {fist pump for effect} Afterwards, we took a brief sojourn to Fredericksburg, TX – land of infinite B&Bs, antiques, “shabby chic” shops, mediocre German food and the 2nd most popular winery region in the US (yesssss!)

If your travels ever take you to this small town about 2 hours (or less) west of Austin, here are a few recommendations for the more delicious of the eateries we graced with our post-marital bliss:

Rather Sweet Bakery & Cafe
This cute little bakery is hidden in a court yard off the main shopping area on Main St. They serve hot breakfasts and lunch (which I didn’t get to try) but I did snatch up this lovely lemon yogurt muffin…

Also on display were a tray of mini-mountain-sized Mexican chocolate cakes and peanut butter cupcakes. If I hadn’t just eaten breakfast (see below) *and* stuffed my face with said muffin, I would have had room to sample and share even more deliciousness. This place is a definite stop on any return trip along with….

The Sunset Grill
I present to you the “Big Ass” Breakfast Sandwich. Fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, avocado, lettuce, red onion and cheddar cheese on a grilled ciabatta bun.
It was fantastic. We went back the next morning (partly because they were the only restaurant valid on our vouchers that served breakfast past 10am) and they also have amazing omelets and gigantic fluffy pancakes.

Wanna get away? Then get thee to Fredericksburg to dine and wine the weekend away!  Also, don’t forget all the farmer’s stands along the road into Fredericksburg – get a basket of peaches and some homemade peach ice-cream (We stopped at Behrends Orchard – you can’t go wrong with their ice-cream!)


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