I <3 Farmers’ Markets

Bottom left, going clockwise: Sweet onions, pumpkin parantha, Mountain Dew jelly, homemade whole wheat & regular noodles, organic strawberry Greek yogurt, tomatoes, sweet lettuce, French breakfast radishes.

WOW.  Check out your local farmers market and see what (edible – or not) treasures you can find!


French breakfast radishes are mild, with a subtle flavor. The sweet onions smell *heavenly*


A vendor was selling fair-trade jewelry from Bali and from the women of Uganda who make beads out of strips of paper. I also found a mother of pearl shell necklace for sale: $5

(and yes, that jelly really is made from Mountain Dew – purchased for my brother ;))

If ever in doubt, you can usually try samples of the vendor’s wares and they can also offer suggestions on how to cook/serve/prepare anything you (a) can’t easily identify or (b) may be a bit intimidated by.


I plan to go back next week to try the soft blue-green eggs provided by the Americana hen (seriously- they look like pre-dyed Easter eggs)  – I was informed they have more nutritional value with the same caloric and cholesterol values as standard eggs.  The vendor at this location also sold fresh salted butter (bright orange-yellow) and fresh milk that is minimally pasteurized – the low heat process kills the “bad” bacteria and leaves the “good” probiotics (like what you have in yogurt).  This process also does not homogenize the milk, so the fat globules remain intact and float on the surface – this cream can be used to make butter/cream for coffee/whipped cream.  The young man stated that the fact that the fat globules remain intact means they  pass through your body whereas standard milk fat globules are broken up in the process and then are more easily stored.  (Sadly) I do not think this is true, but will conduct further research on the matter.


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  1. kjacobs729 says:

    You must live in a warm climate to have such good looking produce at the farmers’ market so early! We’re just getting into our farmers’ market season in Iowa. I’ve started a weekly series about what I’m finding at our market and how I’m going to use it. Feel free to stop by and link to a farmers’ market post if you write one again!

    That Mountain Dew jelly seriously cracks me up! I definitely know a few people who would love it!

    1. kjacobs729 says:

      PS-Realized it didn’t show up, but my blog is http://mrsdexter.wordpress.com 🙂

    2. Hey there! Yes, I’m in Texas so the crops come earlier. I’ll definitely leave you a link if I find anymore interesting goodies. I haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been planning my wedding! One week to go 🙂

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