Lentil Loaf!

…Or, The Fine Art of Chopping Finely…(see Recipes Page)

Aaaah, Homonyms. But enough English review for the day….Let’s get cooking!

Ingredients - see the Recipes Page
LENTIL LOAF!!! From "The Big Bean Cookbook" by Nicola Graimes
2 tbsp olive oil - cook onion, celery, leeks, mushrooms, & garlic x 10 min until soft. Remove from heat.
Chop up the nuts pretty finely...I just used a "party mix"
Mix in cheese, lentils, nuts, flour, egg, garlic & herbs. Salt & pepper as needed.
Your kitchen helper can help with clean up after spooning the mixture into the greased, baking parchment-lined loaf pan.
OK, so I used foil. It works just as well. Place pan in deep-sided baking dish and fill to just over half-way with near-boiling water.
While waiting for 1-2 hours for the loaf to cook (until firm to the touch), go outside and enjoy that beautiful sunset, whydon'tcha?
It looks a bit goopy on the lower aspect, however once cooled (I refrigerated for the next day) and reheated, and topped with marinara sauce, it's quite lovely!

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